By Veronykah Spencer

Do your personal observations of the world around you actually support heliocentric model theories? Have you ever felt a sense of moral responsibility to understand why you believe what you think you know to be true? Do you long to gain a renewed sense of direction and hope for the future? Can you trust your senses to lead you to the Truth?

Flipping The Narrative: A Pragmatic Approach To Flat Earth Cosmology dares to challenge the accepted cosmological narrative through an unconventional yet practical and systematic look at the evidence supporting a flat stationary Earth.

Interest in Flat Earth Cosmology is constantly growing, particularly among millennials. Flipping The Narrative offers a rare female perspective among the Flat Earth community and discusses topics such as:

•Why we can't see clear across the Earth if it's flat

•Proof of the Missing Curvature

•Surface Tension of Water

•Atmospheric Pressure & Density

•Wind Currents, Water Currents, Weather & Seasons

•Southern Star Trail Conflicts

•How Compasses & Celestial Navigation work on Flat Earth

•Parallax, The Vanishing Point & The Horizon

•Coriolis & Allais Effects

•Sunrises & Sunsets

•How Satellites, GPS & LOS radio transmissions work on the Flat Earth

•Auroras & other Electro-Magnetic Phenomena

•Moon Phases, Solar & Lunar Eclipses

•Greenwich Mean Time & The Azimuthal Equidistant Projection Map

•What the Firmament is and why it's necessary

This unique book addresses many previously unanswered questions about cosmology in relation to a flat stationary earth.

It also addresses some less obvious inconsistencies in the heliocentric model, along with a few impossibilities remaining completely overlooked in the globe earth model.

It is possible to flip the accepted narrative by releasing our minds from the bondage of theoretical science using the keys of empirical Truth!

Facts will always remain facts, but the interpretation of those facts is subject to our understanding of the evidence surrounding them.