I "WOKE UP" one day in the fall of 2015, rubbed the scales of darkness off my eyes, dusted the cobwebs from the corridors of my mind, pulled back the blinds, and took a good look outside at the world around me, and it was then that I realized that the world I lived in wasn't actually the world I had been told I lived in all my life.

Once I understood this I felt that I could no longer continue to teach Heliocentric Cosmology to my children with a clear conscience, because I wasn’t even 100% sure why I had believed in it in the first place. Sure, I knew it had been ingrained into my belief system since the first time I saw a globe in kindergarten back in 1981, and yeah, I was raised being encouraged (by my Dad) to watch movie sagas like Star Wars, Star Trek and Avatar, on Sunday afternoons after church, because of the "epic battles between the forces of good and evil" and the lessons they were supposed to be teaching me, but I didn't actually KNOW why. I just trusted and believed my teachers, my parents, and the "accepted science" I was taught without ever really questioning these beliefs. Of course the beautiful big "Blue Marble" Earth images I always saw in school and the movies depicted as our home "planet" was a familiar, reassuring image to me and it was very difficult to let this idea go at first, but I was willing to "risk it all" in exchange for knowing that I knew the Truth about the world I really live in. Because, if Heliocentrism was all a lie, why would I want to believe in it rather than knowing the Truth, anyway?

They say "The Truth fears no investigation!" and I knew that if I really wanted to know the actual, factual Truth, I couldn't be afraid of letting go of all preconceived ideas I had, and I would have to open my mind and take an objective and impartial look at the alternative explanations and weigh them against the evidence I could see around me, and decide which was true for myself. The desire to know the facts set me on a "Quest" for the absolute, verifiable Truth which, by the way, should always be spelled with a capital T.

I still have many questions, and granted sometimes it seems like the more I learn, the more I realize how little I actually "know", so my quest is far from over. I’m still in the process of picking up the proverbial "apples" that I chose to dump from my "basket of beliefs", and I’m inspecting each and every one, very carefully, as I try to decide if it's a Truth and worth putting back into my basket or not.

As I studied and dug into the available research on alternative cosmological models, I came across some new theories and many of the answers I was searching for, as well as gaining an understanding of certain things I had never been aware of before, and discovering a lot of deliberate deception in the process. I felt that it was my responsibility to stand up and speak out about the contradictions, inconsistencies and the deception that I had encountered and I needed to expose them, because I believe that it is my duty to God, my family, and the world, to further the cause of Truth by pointing out some of the stumbling blocks (disinformation and not so obvious inconsistencies) and share what I perceive as the Truth, in an attempt to help guide others in the right direction, just as so many others have helped to guide me on my quest for Truth.

In doing so I hope it helps others realize that they are capable of learning the Truth for themselves and that there are many alternative theories, valid arguments, and empirical evidence which stand in direct opposition to much of the “accepted science” of our day, and that it’s not only OK but absolutely necessary to question it; the only way we can hope to progress and keep the “established science” in check, is by challenging it!

When I realized that certain topics in Flat Earth Cosmology were not yet covered in other Flat Earth books I had read, it motivated me to write about them myself, and that's how Flipping The Narrative: A Pragmatic Approach To Flat Earth Cosmology, my first book, was born.

By now you are probably wondering "Who is Veronykah Spencer, anyway?" so, I'll tell you.

I am happy to say that I am an autodidact, a self-taught, and a completely independent source of information. I have spent thousands of hours researching the topics surrounding Flat Earth and other models of cosmology. My only desire is to expose the deception within the accepted cosmological narrative by pointing out many of the errors within it and to share what I perceive to be the Truth, in hopes that it will be edifying to others and aid in flipping the narrative on the currently accepted model of cosmology.

I have no strings attached to any fraternity (occult or otherwise) and I am not affiliated with any educational institution or other form of group, nor am I promoting any specific religion or political agenda.

My opinions and beliefs are strictly my own; I WILL NOT blame MY BELIEFS, failures, or successes in life on my parents, grandparents, siblings, or other consanguine relatives. (And they would probably appreciate it if you didn't either! LOL) I will not blame them on my nationality, race, gender or any other imaginary advantage or disadvantage that one might concoct either, because, well, I wholeheartedly believe that we should all take personal responsibility for our own choices in life, and that like it or not, every decision we have made in our lives has contributed towards putting us in the exact position that we are currently living in.

I live a busy life of multi-muse role-playing as "Mom" to my 12 children, "Grandma" to 7 beautiful grand-babies, and "wife" to the most supportive and amazing husband ever, as well as working in various alternative healing modalities; I have been passionate about using alternative healing therapies, essential oils, nutritional supplements, and herbs to keep my family healthy for the past 27 years.

In my "FREE TIME" (yes, that's a joke!) I enjoy reading the scriptures and learning about the histories and constitutions of the US and Mexico, and our God given, inalienable Rights and Liberties as his children. I also like to cook, sew, quilt, remodel, re-purpose, and up-cycle too. When I'm not busy working, learning, writing, or involved in an online "battle of wits" on some social media platform, I enjoy sharing a cup of coffee/tea while having nice long chats with good friends, or playing "Settlers of Catan", "Scrabble", "Agony" or "Hand and Foot" with my family.

My husband and I, and our family, divide our time between living in the USA and Mexico.